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Review: Essie’s “Leading Lady”

As I mentioned in a previous review of Essie’s “Butler Please,” the other color I love in their Winter 2012 collection is “Leading Lady.” This color reminds me of Dorothy’s shoes from The Wizard of Oz and just Christmas time in general. I already can’t wait to paint my nails again with this color in December. 

After doing some research, I noticed that this color is almost identical to Essie’s “Ruby Slippers” (as seen below)

I personally like “Leading Lady” better because it has more of a cooler undertone than the “Ruby Slippers.” I also read that the formula is the same, so it probably isn’t necessary to purchase “Leading Lady” if you already have the other one.

I would also like to note that I did not apply any other nail polish under the “Leading Lady” color pictured at the top, so that gives you an idea of how opaque the glitter is. I honesty prefer that because it can be a hassle to paint your nails a similar color first, let them dry, THEN apply the glitter polish. Many glitter polishes actually aren’t as opaque as this one, and this is why I highly recommend it!

Have you tried “Leading Lady” yet? What did you think? Do you prefer the original “Ruby Slippers?”

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12 thoughts on “Review: Essie’s “Leading Lady”

  1. I wonder how similar the two actually look on the nail, or if they’re even more distinct then (since sometimes colors that look the same in the bottle look more different on)?

  2. I loved the look of “Leading Lady”. It’s such a pretty glitter polish and it really makes me think of the Christmas season. It looks great on the nails, but I’ve noticed that it chips really easily. :(

  3. LOVE both of these colors – funny. Just got a mani/pedi! It just seemed fitting to put ruby red on my toes and leading lady on my tips… ;) Great post

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